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Haikubox with Prepaid 5-year Membership

Haikubox with Prepaid 5-year Membership

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Haikubox ensures you'll never miss a bird! Each Haikubox measures 5.5  x 4 x 2.5 inches and is assembled in and sold from the USA.

Package includes:

  • Haikubox with 11 foot power cord that plugs into a standard 110-volt outdoor (GFCI) outlet
  • Instructions for easy setup
  • Five-year membership in the Haikubox network and access to all features.  Currently renews at $59/year or free tier with limited features


  • Outdoor GFCI outlet in a location that receives a good signal from your home's wifi. Outlet should be protected from rain, snow and other inclement weather.
  • While the Haikubox is weather resistant, it cannot be immersed in water.
  • Upright or hanging installation using M4 steel screws for hard surfaces or M4 toggle bolts for hollow walls, 75 mm long (not included).
  • Smartphone is required for installation using the Haikubox Connect smartphone app (available in Google Play and iPhone App stores).
  • At the end of the included 5-year prepaid membership period, an annual membership will be required for full functionality.  Annual membership is currently priced at $59/year.

For sale in the United States and Canada, including Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

Shipping via USPS within the US and DHL to Canada, with all duties and taxes pre-paid.

View the Quick Start Guide for more information.

Shipping materials are made in the USA with sustainable algae ink and are curbside recyclable.

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