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Haikubox with Annual Membership (includes 1-year subscription)

Haikubox with Annual Membership (includes 1-year subscription)

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Haikubox ensures you'll never miss a bird!

This Haikubox includes a one-year Annual Membership so you (or your gift recipient!) can experience all of the enhanced Haikubox features like notifications about new and favorite birds, a shareable weblink for friends & family, and viewable bird identifications beyond the last two hours.  Maintaining the Annual Membership plan costs $59/year, or downgrade to the Basic Membership for free.

Package includes:

  • Haikubox (measures 2.5 x 6. 1.5 inches) with 11' power cord that plugs into a standard 110-volt outdoor (GFCI) outlet
  • Instructions for easy setup
  • One-year membership in the Haikubox network and access to all features.  Currently renews at $59/year or downgrade to free tier with limited features.


  • Haikubox needs to be plugged into an outdoor GFCI outlet in a location that receives a good signal from the customer's home's Wifi. Outlet should be protected from rain, snow and other inclement weather.
  • While the Haikubox is weather resistant, it cannot be immersed in water.
  • Must be hung up or installed in an upright position using M4 steel screws for hard surfaces or M4 toggle bolts for hollow walls, 75 mm long (not included).
  • A smartphone is required for installation using the Haikubox Connect smartphone app (available in Google Play and iPhone App stores).

Shipping via USPS within the US. Shipping cost to Canada includes all duties and taxes pre-paid.

For sale in the United States and Canada, including Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

View the Quick Start Guide for more information.

Wondering what functionality is included if you choose not to renew your membership?  Here's a comparison between the Basic Membership vs. Annual Membership.

Shipping materials are made in the USA with sustainable algae ink and are curbside recyclable.

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