The Haikubox is another wonderful gadget I can add to my birdwatching toolbox. It's exciting to receive a notification for a bird that I've never seen (or heard) before that is somewhere in my backyard... the Haikubox could be your gateway gadget to a whole new hobby.

-The Gadgeteer

Within moments of setup, I was receiving recordings of individual hummingbirds and pine siskins, which I expected. But sounds I had not pinned down before suddenly had an ID and the updates have often made me run to the window or door to see if I could find the source of the song.

- Lifehacker

It's Shazam for birds! It's very easy to install and set up anywhere, and it's impressively accurate at identification.

- Wired's Best Bird-Watching Gear

It's so, so neat. What's cool about the Haikubox is that it's a constant recording device. No more guesswork, it's right there in the palm of your hand.


What Customers Are Saying

The Haikubox plus our eyes... it more than doubles the pleasure of our birdwatching!


It was pretty cool during fall & spring migration. It alerted me to birds I hadn’t seen at the feeders yet and to watch for them.


I have been submitting eBird checklists for my yard almost daily... and the Haikubox has been pretty much spot on with the IDs of the regular birds in my yard.


Easy Installation

Plug it in

Step 1

Using an outdoor outlet in a spot that receives strong WiFi, you’ll never have to worry about changing batteries.

Connect to WiFi

Step 2

The Haikubox Connect app (available for iPhone and Android) links Haikubox to your home’s WiFi.

Listen and Learn

Step 3

On the Haikubox website or phone app, listen to yourbirds, and see when they visit, and view spectograms of their songs.

Customizable Alerts

Receive notifications when new or favorite birds are identified

Like this Osprey identified by a Haikubox
named Tweety!

Learn more about bird alerts

Discover, engage, and share with the Haikubox app & website

Listen to, save and download your bird recordings, track bird activity, set alerts, see vivid bird images, share your birds with family and friends, and even download your data with Haikubox

Haikubox is supercharged birdwatching made easy.

Create a free account and see the birds Haikuboxes
are identifying right now.

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