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Haikubox Uses AI to Identify Birds

Loggerhead Instruments today announced Haikubox, a ground-breaking AI-enabled consumer product that automatically and continuously detects and identifies backyard birds using their sounds. Haikubox offers an easy way to “bird by ear,” an important birdwatching skill since many birds are camouflaged or don’t visit bird feeders. Features and benefits of Haikubox include:

  • Never miss a bird. Without a Haikubox, a consumer would never know that the neighborhood Barred Owl was singing all night. Haikubox can send an alert with the first “hoot” and users can listen to recordings and view spectrograms (visual representation of sound) at their convenience. Currently available sound ID apps require user action.

  • Discover birds’ stories. Haikubox works 24/7 to collect every song and chirp, and these data tell stories about migration patterns, when species are active, and seasonal change.

  • Impact scientific research. Through a unique partnership with the K. Lisa Yang Center for Conservation Bioacoustics at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, each Haikubox owner will be a citizen-scientist, part of a vast network collecting the largest dataset of bird behavior ever assembled and allowing research on the impact of climate change, habitat loss, pesticide use, and other human-caused environmental change.

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