Black-bellied Whistling-Duck identifications by Haikubox

New Feature: Heat Maps

Haikubox owners can now quickly see their birds' vocalization patterns with heat maps.

Heat maps are now a permanent feature of the Haikubox listen webpage and mobile app (iPhone & Android).  This image above shows Black-bellied Whistling-Ducks heard around sunrise and sunset (and yes, they can be heard in the middle of the night) at the Haikubox Demo site in Sarasota, FL.

With just a glance, Haikubox owners can now see days (horizontal axis) and times (vertical axis) when individual species are singing or calling, and look for trends or new arrivals.  Darker red means more identifications while dark blue are quiet times, with a legend showing the number of identifications.  Look for the checkerboard icon to access the heat maps.

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