Prairie Warbler

Spring Migration

Spring has returned to our part of Florida, and our Haikubox is identifying migrating birds like the Prairie Warbler. Click here to listen to the Prairie Warbler recorded in the spectrogram above.

Longitudinal Haikubox data shows that the Prairie Warblers are here a few days earlier than last year when they were first detected on March 7.  We also can see that they briefly visited during the last two years' fall migration.  See chart below.

Soon we can look for Hooded Warblers - they were first detected last year on March 14!  Some Black-and-white Warblers have been detected recently, but we haven’t seen or heard them yet…

One of our early Haikubox adopters in St. Pete, FL said “We noticed that the Great-Crested Flycatchers, which live in our neighborhood all summer, just returned yesterday. The gap after July is when we changed the router and lost a month of data, but the gap from December to early March is real — these birds go somewhere else for those months.“ See his data chart, below.

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