Image showing location of enhanced audio button on Haikubox app

Enhanced Audio

Each Haikubox ignores insects, vehicles, wind, rain, and other environmental noise when making bird identifications, but it can't filter them out of recordings.  This can make it challenging to hear the birdsong in noisy recordings.

To address this, we're experimenting with an algorithm that filters out background noise and enhances recorded bird vocalizations.  You can access these recordings by clicking the Enhance button (see the orange arrow, #2 on image above) on any bird recording on the Haikubox Listen website or mobile apps (iPhone or Android).  

It is not a perfect noise-cancelling solution, but customer reaction has been overwhelmingly positive.  The intense math required to clean the audio can cause a delay when playing the sound, and it can change the vocalization pitch or create odd robot-like sounds.  It's another tool you may find helpful -- our tests show it works best in particularly noisy recordings.

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