Haikubox with Annual Membership

Haikubox at Wild Birds Unlimited Stores

Haikubox is now offered with an annual membership at a lower purchase price exclusively through Wild Birds Unlimited stores.

The new version is available for purchase at $249, with a renewal rate of $59. Haikuboxes are stocked by individual WBU stores so, if a store doesn’t currently carry it, the customer can request that they do.

“Many Haikuboxes are given as holiday or birthday gifts. It’s a wonderful present for someone with a budding or deep interest in birds,” said Amy Donner, Haikubox’s director of business development. “Many of our customers rave about how it has helped them feel more connected with the natural world right outside their doors and how birds and birdsong bring them joy. This new Haikubox version means more people can learn about their birds. And with each new Haikubox installation, we grow the bird data collection network, which will fuel community science discovery.”

A Haikubox with a five-year membership is available for customers in the United States and Canada at $399 plus shipping. The new version is a great option for those with more limited budgets or as a gift for a birdwatching enthusiast.

A 2022 story in Wired magazine called Haikubox an “incredible gift to give and get” and said, “It’s one of the rare pieces of technology that actually increases your connection to the real world.” In its initial review of Haikubox, the magazine wrote, “This AI-enabled device can identify the species around your home by their songs and alert you when new ones arrive” and that it’s a “Great app with links for exploring your local birds.”

The Haikubox was developed and built by Loggerhead Instruments in Sarasota, Florida.

“We are delighted to bring a lower-priced Haikubox to consumers through a new sales partnership with Wild Birds Unlimited stores. WBU staff were among our first beta testers and their input and feedback were important in the early stages of development. We’ve created a product that is fun to use and informative and makes a great gift for avid and casual birdwatchers or nature lovers. We look forward to seeing the birds identified by Haikuboxes across the U.S. and Canada as WBU customers join our growing network,” said David Mann, the CEO of Loggerhead Instruments.

For more information and to purchase a Haikubox, visit haikubox.com.


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