Monitor your birds 24/7 using their songs, chirps and peeps

Introducing Haikubox

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How Haikubox Works

  • Listen

    To identify birds using sound, Haikubox uses BirdNET for Haikubox*, a proprietary neural net trained on thousands of bird recordings. Haikubox listens 24/7 for every bird song and chirp, sharing sound recordings, spectrograms like the one above, and data to the Haikubox app (iPhone and Android) and website.

  • Learn

    Haikubox owners see images of visiting birds, listen to their recorded songs, view spectrograms of each song, and learn when each vocalizing bird visits, offering clues about its migration and nesting patterns. The platform provides easy access to resources like eBird and All About Birds.

  • Contribute

    Every Haikubox owner becomes a community scientist within the Haikubox network, contributing invaluable data to global bird behavior mapping and climate change studies through a collaboration with the K. Lisa Yang Center for Conservation Bioacoustics at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

  • Haikubox testimonial - customers love it


    The Haikubox plus our eyes... it more than doubles the pleasure of our birdwatching!

  • Haikubox testimonial - customers love it


    It was pretty cool during fall & spring migration. It alerted me to birds I hadn’t seen at the feeders yet and to watch for them.

  • Haikubox testimonial - customers love it


    I have been submitting eBird checklists for my yard almost daily... and the Haikubox has been pretty much spot on with the IDs of the regular birds in my yard.

Customizable alerts when new or favorite birds are identified

Like this Osprey identified by a Haikubox named Tweety!

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Haikubox app showing identified bird

Discover, Engage, and Share with the Haikubox App & Website

Discover vivid bird images, listen to and download your birds' recordings, track bird activity, set alerts, share your birds with family and friends, and even download your data using the Haikubox app and website.

Haikubox is supercharged birdwatching made easy.

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Easy Installation

Haikubox which will identify your backyard birds using sound

Step 1

Plug it in

Using an outdoor outlet in a spot that receives strong WiFi, you'll never have to worry about changing batteries.

Haikubox Connect app allows customers to easily connect to their home's Wifi

Step 2

Connect to Wifi

The Haikubox Connect app (available for iPhone and Android) links Haikubox to your home's WiFi.

Spectrogram for the Eurasian Magpie

Step 3

Listen and Learn

On the Haikubox website or phone app, listen to your birds, see when they visit, and view spectrograms of their songs.

WIRED Review 9/10

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"The Haikubox is one of the rare pieces of technology that actually increases your connection to the world around you, rather than cutting you off"

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*BirdNet for Haikubox: Copyrights @ 2021 by Cornell University. All Rights Reserved.