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The Gadgeteer - Haikubox Review

Haikubox was featured in The Gadgeteer - "Haikubox is another wonderful gadget I can add to my birdwatching toolbox."

We love that the reviewer recognized that a Haikubox could be a way to learn about new birds visiting your backyard that you might not have known about, including those migrating through.

"How accurate is it? That's the question I was asking myself when it kept showing me all these birds I've never seen before... But then I realized that this is the time of year (Spring) when birds migrate and it's the time of year that I do see unusual birds. Yes, sometimes I don't trust what it detects based on the very short audio clip, but most of the time, I do trust it because I'll compare the audio clip to the website link where you can listen to a bird's calls, and they match."

"It's exciting to receive a notification for a bird that I've never seen (or heard) before that is somewhere in my backyard. It makes me want to get out the bird feeders again so I can attract them to enjoy hearing them and seeing them too!

The reviewer also sees Haikubox as a way to involve new people into the birdwatching world: "If you're also an avid birdwatcher or would like to become one, the Haikubox could be your gateway gadget to a whole new hobby."

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