Haikubox Media Kit

Haikubox Media Kit

Gather background information and customer quotes, or download images, video and logo for your news story.

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Haikubox app showing identified bird

Our customers learn their birds’ stories with the Haikubox website and mobile app

  • See stunning images of identified species-“Yes, I’ve seen the Black-and-white Warbler!”
  • Listen to a recording and see a spectrogram of each bird visit - “Last night’s Cardinals sounded so beautiful!”
  • View daily counts plus hourly breakdowns - “A Great Horned Owl was active all night!”
  • Share your bird recordings via social media or web link - “You must hear this warbler!”
  • Set up alerts - “The Dark-eyed Juncos have arrived!”
  • Ranked list of all birds - “I host lots of Red-shouldered Hawks!
  • Download your data to .csv file - “More migrating birds this year than last year!”