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Elevate Your Backyard Birdwatching Experience

A Haikuligan (Haikubox customer) reviewed his purchase in a newly published blog post. In his review, Jeff Mann praised the “solid construction and resistance to inclement weather” and his Haikubox’s performance which “excels in identifying bird species.”

Birdwatching is increasingly attracting a younger audience of Gen X, Millenial (like the review’s author) and Gen Z members. This is evident in new records set during birding events like Global Big Day 2022 and the stunning increase in submitted eBird checklists.

Add in cool new digital tools like Haikubox, and it’s a recipe to attract younger people into birding while boosting environmental awareness.

Mann concluded his review:

The Haikubox bird ID station offers an excellent solution for enhancing your birdwatching experience. With its robust build quality, ease of installation and setup, comprehensive app and UI experience, and accurate bird detections, the Haikubox is a valuable companion for both seasoned and novice birdwatchers alike.

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