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Haikubox owners can now download .csv files of either a data summary for the current year and/or individual detection data for any time period (30 days maximum) from the Haikubox website (https://listen.haikubox.com/#/).. Did you notice that the Haikubox in this image (called Sylvester) has identified over 94,000 Tufted Titmouse calls/songs? Efficiently handling so much data is one reason for the limited download timeframe. We look forward to hearing what our community scientist customers learn from a deep dive into their data.

Haikubox customers also can turn back the clock to hear an owl that visited last week or see the spectrograms of last summer's hummingbirds? Now they can by clicking on the calendar icon and choose a date to see the birds, listen to their recordings and view the spectrograms.

To help users learn the scientific names of identified bird species, the bird list (or "bird feed") now shows the species’ scientific names. Now users can try to differentiate Poecile carolinensis, Poecile atricapillus and Poecile gambeli in addition to the Carolina Chickadee, Black-capped Chickadee, and Mountain Chickadee.

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