Lunch, Interrupted (by Waxwings)

Lunch, Interrupted (by Waxwings)

A Haikubox customer was recently visited by over 500 Bohemian Waxwings dining on berries in his mountain ash trees. As he posted on his website, 365 Days of Birds, he was "peacefully eating my own sandwich, oblivious to the outside world when my Haikubox notifications went off on my phone. I stepped over to the window, and Uff Dah! It was a mass freeding frenzy 50 yards away."

He not only saw these beautiful birds as they stripped fruit from his trees, he watched them gobble nearby berries from a buckthorn stand across the street and then followed the flock about 1.5 miles to a nearby frozen stream.  

This lucky birdwatcher takes advantage of the Haikubox real-time alerts that provide notifications to owners about newly arrived or favorite species. He wrote "I choose to be notified about any new species, birds returning during the spring or fall migration, and my local favorites (like my local Great Horned Owls)."

Photos by Rich Hoeg

Bohemian Waxwing on ice

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